Various Applications Of Piezo Transducers

Researchers have discovered that few crystals like quartz, barium titanate, lithium tantalite etc. have a peculiar characteristic that it can produce electrical energy by applying mechanical force and also can produce mechanical energy or force under the influence of electrical field.

Therefore, this becomes a very useful transducer material and can be used for many different applications. These are known as piezoelectric materials and can be very effectively used as transducers.

Let’s look at few applications of this piezoelectric transducer, you experience in daily life.

  1. Mechanical stress analyser

There are wide applications of such stress analyser in the field of construction industry where by applying suitable voltage you can create certain amount of force that can be easily measured. Thus, it is possible to determine how much stress any construction can with stand. Continue reading “Various Applications Of Piezo Transducers”