What Are the Common Mistakes Injured Worker Must Avoid?

Most of the injured victims don’t take help of an attorney for getting the assistance and compensation that they deserve. Also, many of them are ignorant to the laws that provide broad protection to workers who go through these issues. There are a few mistakes that they must avoid for successful dealing of the case.

Failing to notify employer about the injury

As per PA law, it is mandatory to report about your work-related injury within four months of the day of the accident or the time when you have known about it.

Not taking an assistance of a doctor on the employer’s list

The PA requires any victim that has got hurt at the workplace should take assistance of a doctor that is designated by your employer. You must get yourself checked to the doctor in the first three months after getting hurt. There can take help of several attorneys for legal representation for injured workers.

Delaying to get medical assistance

If you don’t get any medical assistance right after getting hurt, then your employer may reject your claim saying that it was not work related or the injury was not severe.

Failing to making a claim thinking that it was your fault

Workers’ compensation is a “strict liability” system that implies if you got hurt while performing the job, then you get workers’ compensation benefits irrespective of who is responsible for the blame.


The best method to avoid any of the above stated problems with claim, compensation, negotiation with insurer etc., is to get assistance from an experienced attorney.